'Kudla' is one of the famous,wellknown word for the people who lives in Dakshina Kannada.Mangalore(kudla) is the second most famous city in our Karnataka. It is one of the taluk in Dakshina Kannada.Kudla is the name in tulu language, shortcut of Kodialbail which is the actual name for Mangalore.There are 5 taluks in Dakshina Kannada including Mangalore,they are Bantwal, Puttur, Sullia, Belthangady. Initially Dakshina Kannada had 8 talukas, but out of these 8 talukas 3 talukas namely Udupi, Kundapur and Karkala were distributed to the one more district called ‘Udupi’. But still both districts are calling under single name Mangalore(Namma Kudla).

There are a lot of famous temples,mosques and churches in Mangalore,which will impress you very much. The few famous names are Mangaladevi Temple ,Venkataramana Temple,St.Aloysius Church, famous Ullala Darga,Falneer Church,Kudroli Gokarnanatha, Kadri Manjunatheswara, Urwa Marigudi temple, Polali Rajarajeswari, Adyapady Adinatheshwara, Sharavu MahaGanapathi Temple, Kateel Durgaparameshwari and few more temples.....


Uthsahi Tharuna Vrunda, Bondala




Pilikula Nisarga Dhama:

Pilikula Nisarga Dhama is a beautiful attraction in mangalore especially for cultural,scientific interest and moreover for enjoyment.One of the top tourism place in our kudla, inspired by the attraction of nice green nature coll and calm place.According to the history the past of this place is that it was filled with forests and the lake was the place of tigers where they frequently used it for drinking water.However now it is fully changed , the forest become a beautiful park now, well managed, one of the tourism place located at the outside of the city.

The lake is usually used for boating, enjoyment surrounded by a green lawn at bthe either side of the lake, very happy to see.Manasa is the another part of pilikula attraction which is just like a wonderla in bangalore. Beautiful place used for swimming, masti especially made for kids. The family people always enjoy these kind of places,everybody must visit atleast once in life, very ineffeable.


Sulthan Battheri (Sulthan Battery):

Sulthan Battheri is another historical place in mangalore famous for tourists.It is like a tower, constructed by the king Tippu Sulthan in the year 1784. It is very near to the city, beautiful place surrounded by the river at the either side.The history of this place saya that the 'during the war the soldiers of Tippu, using this watch tower for watching the entry of enemies warships into the Gurupura river'.They can easily find out the enemies movements by this watch tower. Now this became a famous place for visitors, esapecially used for film shooting,photography and more...it is located at the Boloor, few kilometers away from mangalore city.

Panamboor Beach:

This is just like ullala beach famous for tourissts,which is very near to the mangalore port NMPT. The name is the combination of tamil and tulu words 'panam' and 'ooru'. The nearest beach to the city is this beach wich is entitrly opposite to the ullala beach. The NMPT is the most famous harbar in mangalore,which exist in panamboor. The beach actaully located inside the coastal area of NMPT,but famous for ineffeable beach also. You have to visit this beach during sunset, waw very beautiful scenarios feel like very near to us.The beach is also called ThanneeruBavi beach, since the beach water is very cold at this part.The beach is very clean and safety to enjoy, creates a awareness among the visitors to keep and maintain our natural wonders always clean.

Ullala Darga and Someswara Beach:

Ullal is the another beautiful place in mangalore located almost 15km away from the mangalore city on the bank of river Nethravathi where it joined to the sea.The most attraction over here is beaches surrouned the town at all directions. Ullal is called as ullala in our mangalore,arrived at the bank of arabian sea.The summer sand beach resort is especially made for the tourists who visits this place..The beach is ideal for the enjoyment,swimming,boating and more...One more beach nearby to this is called someswara beach since the someswara is the temple over there,which is surrounded by these beaches.The summer season is the best time to visit this place,especially at the evening a beautiful cool surroundings, in the force of air, beautiful sunset makes you happy more and more...

St Aloysius Church:

St Aloysius Church in mangalore is the another ineffeable attraction our city,located at the campus St. Aloysius College. The church is was built by Italian Jesuit Antonio Moscheni, in the year 1884. The Jesuit Antonio Moscheni playes an important role in Education, Hospitality and Social activity of the catholic community.The structure of the church is amazing in stylish design,beautifully structured pillars,shows the hard work of the ancient masters. Compared to the chapel of Rome,it is extremely miracle one. Everybody likes this place ,well decorated, beautiful one....The church is very nearer to the city central,well known by word of 'St.Aloysius College




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